Friday, August 24, 2012

Hearing again

Grace’s needed her ear tubes reinserted a few weeks back.

Boy were we tired of her saying “huh?”
Amazing what those tubes do!

As many/most of you know… the whole ear tube thing, not a big deal. But, it still required us to go outpatient surgery at the children’s hospital. And she was prepped just like she was going for a more major surgery. And the last time that happened…wasn’t too much fun for her.

So, she was apprehensive. And confused why I was bringing her to this place. Again.

Even going to the operating room in a kid’s size version of a pink Cadillac Escalade, with Minnie Mouse riding as a passenger, didn’t really make things that much better.

Then she woke up a few minutes later.

And she had that look. Oh THAT LOOK.

Was she ever mad at me.

She wouldn’t look at me.

Turned her head in the opposite direction.

Silent tears fell down her face.

She wouldn’t let me wipe them.

She wiped them herself with her blanket.

She WOULD NOT look at me.

It was heartbreaking. For me.

But I get it.

I reassured her she was ok and she would be going home soon.
She wasn’t having it. She was furious. And she let me know it.

I took her home a short time later. And happiness returned.

I’m not ashamed to admit I tried to bribe her love back with a donut.

She forgave me. Not sure if it was the donut or that I returned her back home.

I’m sure glad HOME makes her happy. And home to her… it’s wherever her Daddy, Bebe (Braden), Leley (Kailey), and Bubba (Devin) are.

I love that she loves. And grateful she forgave me for bringing her to THAT place.


  1. Oh how painful, and heart breaking, and icky. Donuts are great but love (your love and His love) is SO powerful.

  2. Oh no.....not THAT place! :(....and silent tears :(((. Makes me cry to imagine the pain in your heart as you walked her through it, it's SO SO hard when they don't understand the love they are getting....that it is good and can be trusted, even when it's painful or scary :(. Reminds me of our relationship with our heavenly Father. (sigh) Grace....such a warrior! ANd thank God for her love for donuts:). But, I believe it was your Powerful love and security that brought her smile back:)