Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thoughts about China

Truth is. I want to go back.

I long to go back.

I can’t wait until the day I can step foot back in China.

I go there you know. I go there by scouring news articles, using Bandu and copy and pasting words into google translator, and using google maps to “fly” around China.

My heart's longing is to see Bo’ai County, Henan... where Grace was born. I regret having never made it there when we were in China. So I’ve used technology to find something, anything that can give me a glimpse. From aerial satellite images through Google Maps I have seen the mountains and the river, buildings and houses from the sky.

But, I want to smell the smells. I want to breathe the smoggy air. I want to walk the roads. I want to hear the tones of the language again all around me.

A bloggy friend, Johanna, just returned from China to adopt her precious little one. You can read all about their travels and family here.

On her last day in China she wrote these words that captured, so perfectly, my feelings about China. Thanks Johanna for your beautiful words.

(I altered the quote slightly to reflect our family but the rest of the words are hers)…

“China is where my [4th] child was born.

Where we first laid eyes on her.

To us, China will always be a magical and incredible place.

A place where faith became sight.

Where God answered prayers

and where [Grace] was finally and miraculously put into our arms.

Nothing will ever compare to China in our minds.

China is forever in our hearts.

and forever a part of us”.

Yep. That just about says it all.

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  1. tears. I feel so blessed to know you and your sweet family through the blogging community! I long to go back one day as well...we weren't able to make it to her orphanage...I told myself that one day I would.((hugs))