Friday, December 23, 2011


I look into Grace's deep brown eyes, that seem like they go on forever, and I just can't imagine a day without her.

My friend, who is adopting a little baby boy through domestic adoption, wrote on her blog the other day about what they would have missed if they didn't say yes to adoption.

and man, did it get me thinking and thinking.

What we would have missed if we hadn't taken the risk.

The risk of adoption.

The risk of special needs.

The risk to our finances.

The risk of change.

The risk, that now, looking back, doesn't even seem all that risky. Because when I see Grace I see nothing about risk. I see a nothing but the sweetest little girl that plays, cries, complains, giggles, gives kisses, fights with her brother, and loves. :)

I would never looked deep into brown almond shaped eyes.

I would never heard her sweet voice.

and I would never have known this love.

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  1. Amen! Only home one day with our baby girl....and I couldn't agree more...well said!:)