Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The rafters in our house were practically bursting with excitement in anticipation of Christmas.

After quite a whirlwind week with a fair amount of stress, we finally reached Christmas Eve. Thank goodness.

Here are a few pictures... most of which are of Grace, which I'm feeling a little bad about now. But, it WAS her first Christmas home.

The two girls on Christmas Eve.

This little guy has such a sweet heart! :)

Parents of children with cleft palate will appreciate the significance of this photo.

Braden was very excited about his new socks. or maybe not.

Merry Christmas!


  1. **As a parent of a cleft kid...i get the photo. We celebrated when the straw was mastered...oh happy day!

  2. Oh yes the straw...that was a happy day for my little one too.

  3. I love the juice box picture that is quite the achievement. I just realized the other day that David could drink a whole one (he chokes on most of it, but we are proud he is trying). Blessings,