Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fourth of July weekend. Magical.

To say I have too many pictures is a bit of an understatement. It has taken me this long to write this blog post because I haven't had the time to sit down and figure out what pictures to put on here. So, excuse my retro-posting.

While experiencing fourth of July in DC is one that I think every American should experience once in their life and in itself is magical....

Really, the thing that made it magical for us was seeing our friends L, S and Z again.

We met L and S in the Newark airport as we waited for our plane to depart for China. Instantly, I knew we would be lifelong friends.

(L and S just after arriving in China and going through customs in the Beijing airport)

We then experienced the highs and lows of 15 days of an adoption trip to China. Tears of joy. Tears of sadness. Laughter and Anger. And every emotion in between.

We climbed the Great Wall together.

And visited the Olympic Village.

And we were there together when we held our children for the first time in that chilly government building.

We came face to face with the realities of our children's past. and we did it together. and then we were there for each other in the several days that followed as we shed tears of grief for our children. I will forever be grateful to L for being such a comfort to me after the visit to Jiaozuo.

According to China's records, Z is just a wee-bit younger than Grace. They lived in the same orphanage.... but on different floors. We don't really know if they knew each other at all... but we hope they did.

I thank God for putting these three beautiful people in our lives on that trip.

During the painful wait for TA prior to travel, we all wonder why we must wait SO LONG. We would do anything to travel just a week or two or several sooner.

But, I just can't help but think that if L an S traveled earlier, or if we did... we wouldn't have met.

Everything happens in God's perfect timing.

Now... here are the pictures of our visit to DC. Too many I know....

S and Kailey, fast friends.

L, S and Z live right on Chesapeake Bay. Beautiful.

Braden catching a crab!

Feeding the ducks.

at the White House.

Taking break to cool our feet at the WW II memorial.

Lincoln Memorial.

Watching the changing of the guards at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

At the National Mall waiting for the fireworks.

Watching the fireworks!

YAY Fireworks!

Thank you to L, S, and Z for hosting our crazy crew of six. For being our tour guides. and for making Grace's first fourth of July as United States citizen unforgettable!

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