Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have never camped.

I know, I know. HOW can that be having grown up in New England?

Actually, I do vaguely recall camping in high school once. But, that's it. and I have almost no memory of it for some reason.

So, after packing up more stuff than we would normally take on a 10 day vacation. We went to a campground up in the western Massachusetts last night with a group of our good friends.

I was reluctant. I'll admit it.

The thought of all those bugs. Not very clean bathrooms, or no bathrooms at all. Sticky sweaty bug sprayed skin with dirt stuck to it. Yuck.

What could be fun about that?

I'll admit it. I was so wrong. It was fun. A lot.

So fun, I didn't take pictures. I was too busy enjoying myself.

If I did you would have seen pictures of kids and friends swimming, during the heat of the day, in a cool clear river.

Friends playing bocci, frisbee and croquet. Swimming in the campground pool.

Eating burgers cooked over the campfire and, of course, kids and adults alike enjoying s'mores.

Two adults and four kids all tucked into one big tent in their sleeping bags to fend of the chill of the night air.

Pancakes and fresh picked blueberries for breakfast and then poking around charming New England towns in the Berkshire's this afternoon.

Beautiful weekend.

I think we will be camping again soon!

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  1. Oh, I'm so disappointed in you. You have forsaken me. But, as my husband would say...if your campground had a pool, it wasn't really a campground. :-)