Tuesday, July 26, 2011

five months.

I often wonder where her inner strength and courage comes from.

I have all kinds of images that play in my mind as to what her "China Mommy" is like. I often wonder if her strength comes from her. Or her courage from her father. Grandmother or Aunt? Coming from a rural part of China and one of the poorest provinces... I wonder what her China family has had to, or is, enduring. Poverty? Hunger? Illness? Maybe not. Maybe so. We will never know.

But, I do wonder... is the courage she possesses an innate feature of her heredity.

I have no idea. Just thoughts that often run through my mind.

What I do know is that it takes unbelievable courage for her to have opened her heart to us and to trust us they way she has. Courage I do not think I possess. I'm sure you glad she inherited that from someone else.

She amazes me. Every. Single. Day.

Five months ago...

she entered a different world. with people that looked funny. smelled funny. and spoke funny.

she had a big hole in the roof of her mouth.

she had moderate hearing loss in one ear, and mild in the other.


she understands everything we say.

she had tubes put in her ears and now she hears PERFECTLY!

after a very difficult surgery and recovery.... her palate is repaired and the surgeon is very happy with the way it has healed.

On Saturday, she drank out of straw for the first time. I know, probably not that big of deal to most... but a big deal for a little girl that has never been able to suck.

and her expressive language is coming along really well... she says several words.

Mama, Up (sounds like Mup), Ni-Night, Hi, More, Here, Mine, Blanket...

We are so very grateful for the skilled surgeons that performed her surgery.

She has a remarkable heart. A heart of courage. And full of kindness. She comforts her brothers and sister when they are sad or angry. She gives high fives and MANY hugs and kisses.

She is an extraordinary little girl.

and I think I speak for our WHOLE family when I say we are honored that God has placed Grace in our family to be our daughter, sister, granddaughter, and niece.

Five months...



Oh how blessed WE are.


  1. I love those little pig tails! So cute!

  2. She probably got her courage from her parents.... YOU GUYS! Brave enough to step out of your comfort zone to welcome her perfect little self into her family!

  3. oh wow!! Can she possibly be any more precious or beautiful?? How blessed you are!!!

    Your blog is so special to me, because you were traveling to China and adopting your sweetie just recently after we had first begun the process to our little girl! Yours was one of the first I started to follow. God just knew, because here I am 5 months later, and I never would have dreamed we would be matched with a precious cl/cp baby girl too!! We are praying to scoop her up w/in 5 months!! Evidently 5 months goes VERY fast!! LOL
    God bless you, as he apparently has!!!

  4. She is so precious...we are coming up on 5 months with our girl tomorrow. She is having her cleft closed next month...I can't wait till she can drink from a straw, she wants to so bad!

  5. Stunning! Absolutely stunning!! I am always amazed at the difference a family can make!