Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shovel while you wait

Nothing Monday. Nothing Tuesday. Nothing Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be 14 days since our Article 5.

Really China... you can send our TA anytime now.

Because I am beginning to think I might not survive this wait.

At least today I was distracted for SIX hours as we shoveled. and shoveled. and shoveled. and then shoveled some more... the almost two feet of snow we got here today.

Wow. This was a snow storm. I've lived in New England my whole life and I have never seen so much snow. We have nine foot snow piles that line our driveway. Crazy.

The kids were happy. Although D really couldn't even walk in it, neither could K.

Climbing the snow piles was the order of the day. And they are pretty amazing snow piles. These pictures really don't seem to do it justice. This snow storm will be one that our kids will remember and say "I remember when it used to snow so much it was up to our waist".... because it REALLY was up to their waist. Actually, in D's case, it was up to his shoulders.

We're buried in, in New England!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post on We Are Grafted In. I can remember having so many of those same concerns when we traveled to China in 2007 to meet our daughter. For me, all of them disappeared the moment I held her-and yes, she cried and I cried but only for a little while. (Actually, I cried the whole time in China off and on. :)

    Your family is so beautiful, especially with your newest addition!! We are back in the waiting stages for a referral from South Korea. I would love to follow your journey to China to bring your daughter home.