Friday, February 22, 2013

First moments

If you look close at these pictures...  you can see it all on my face.

You can see months of worry.

You can see fear.

You can see worry.

Most of all you can see RELIEF.  Relief that she was finally in my arms.

and maybe, most of all, you can see the love.

We were quite blessed, Steve and I.  It isn't this way for everyone.  But for us... it was LOVE at Very. First.Sight.

And you can see it in these picture.

Maybe not in Grace's face.

That took a few months.

But in mine.  and Steve's.

There really will never, can never, be any words that can describe that moment.

Those moments.  Those first minutes.  Hours.  Days.

1 comment:

  1. sacred, precious moments......thank you for sharing. I always say that those first moments are best described as "when faith became sight"