Thursday, July 12, 2012


MAGICAL times!


But oh so very fun!

Grace has a new love.  Her name is Minnie Mouse. 

Real or stuffed.  Either will do.

Kailey became a princess. 

and met some other princesses!

Her prince wasn't too far away. 

Braden a guest of the Hollywood Tower Hotel (Tower of Terror)

Devin a lover of high speed runaway mine trains (Big Thunder Mountain)

The team of Braden and Kailey became the family’s Toy Story Mania champions. 

We watched fireworks.  And parades. (and stayed up WAY too late!)

We swam in beautiful pools.


And slid down many water slides.

Played in fountains.  

Ate a little ice cream.  

Had fun being together as a family. 

We even went to China!  (well... kind of)

We also got VERY wet the first couple days because a tropical storm decided to sit over us and drench us.  Her name was Debbie. 

I don’t like her very much.

There were also some lows.  Bug bits, stomach bugs, RAIN, tired two year temper tantrums (a few Mommy and Daddy tantrums too). 

This is all to be expected on 9 day tour of Disney World with four kids.

I don’t usually think that having four kids is that hard.  I read blogs of people that have 10 or more.  Many friends of mine have four OR MORE.

But, four kids.....9 days in Disney.... 

Four kids felt like A LOT of kids. 

I need a vacation from our vacation. 

(Vacation Part Deux coming soon!) 

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  1. Wow!!!! Looks tiring and fun!!!! Lol. Love the Minnie mouse shots with Grace!! We're going at the end of feel free to throw me any btdt tips!! Lol