Monday, November 7, 2011

The seat

It's back.

The potty seat.

I can't believe it.

Do you know what one of things, maybe the only thing, I dreaded most about having another "baby"?

Potty training.

Uhhh! I was done, way done, with potty training after baby number one.

and here we are again for the fourth time.

My girl is a little excited. Even though she has know idea what this is all about. Yet.

She spent about 15 minutes tonight pulling out each and every pair of big girl panties from the packaging.

And she managed to put one cheek on the potty seat. Not both though. Both is a little scary I guess.

It's time.

She tells us when she has to go.

She pulled a "potty book" randomly off the shelf at the library and insisted Daddy bring it home.

And I have learned, three times over, that it is better to do this earlier than later.

Later, they realize they can fight it. Later, it becomes a game of control. Later, it just ends no where good when it comes to a two year old and pee and poop.

So, wish us luck. I've only known Grace for 8 months, but I can tell you... unless we figure out a way to make her think this is what SHE wants to do... this could be difficult. She may win. She usually does.

FIERCELY indendepent, I tell ya.

Here we gooooooo.....

(BTW: Do you think she will forgive me someday for blogging about this?)

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  1. yea, let her believe she's in control, and she'll do it on her terms.... ok, so she really is in control and really will do it on her own terms... but you can pretend you're letting her be in control....
    Good luck with that potty thing - a least favorite thing of mine... b/c they're really in control and I got nothing!