Saturday, November 5, 2011


We have survived.


I repeat

SEVEN days of no electricity.

No power.


No heat.

A crazy October 29th snow storm literally snapped and cracked millions of trees and completely destroyed our power system leaving us and 800,000+ state residents power-less. The day after the record breaking snow storm, both in amount of snow and amount of damage, 89% of our town was without power. That meant... pretty much everyone we knew was without power.

Even now, 7 days later, 50% of our town is still without power.

I've always wondered what it was like to live like a pioneer woman. I know longer wonder. Thank you very much.

First and foremost, even though it is only late-fall and not the dead of winter, no electricity means it is darn COLD in the house.

Living without water. Oh my. NOT fun.

Washing dishes and flushing toilets with melted snow water.

I'd prefer to never have to do either of those things again.

I'm not sure how we would have survived without friends with generators who shared their warm homes, hot showers and food with us.
I should qualify. STEVE and the boys survived 7 days without power. I gave up on day 6 when the girls and I were invited up to a cabin in Vermont to get warm. Yes... North to Vermont... to get warm.

I'm now sitting in front of this computer screen EVER so grateful for electricity. and HEAT. and running water.

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  1. "Up north to Vermont to get warm" and that's not even an oxymoron!!!
    Glad you're back - and you have POWER!