Tuesday, September 27, 2011


She's TWO!

and certainly not terrible.

We sure had fun celebrating with her!

and remembered last year when we vowed that she would never spend another birthday without her family.

(last year)

So, surrounded by her family. We celebrated her second birthday... her first at HOME...

Eating noodles and dumplings.

and cupcakes.

and another party on Sunday with her family... complete with balloons and cake.

She had no idea what was happening. A little unsure about all the people singing happy birthday to her. But she sure did enjoy the cake. and the presents.

Don't ask about the swollen eye. and the big red marks all over her face from the family party photos...long story for another post.

Happy Birthday Gracie!!! What joy you bring to our lives!


  1. I LOVE the joy in her smile!!!
    Happy Birthday GRACIE!

  2. She is so unbelievable precious!! her smile is so contagious!!! Happy Birthday Grace, may God bless you richly!!!

  3. Her smile is so precious! Happy Birthday Grace!