Thursday, September 8, 2011

sleeping beauty

First.... I should be congratulated. Last Friday (slight delay in my posts as of late), I got all four kids to off to school and daycare and I was at work by 8:50. Somewhat presentable... well, accept for the hole in my shirt that my boss pointed out to me mid-morning.


My co-workers will tell you... 8:50... THAT right there is a miracle. I'm usually more likely to arrive about about 9:10. I know. I know. To the rest of the working world 8:50 is really late to start a work day. But, I don't think the rest of the working world has four kids. At least that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Grace and Devin very happily went to daycare.

I cried.

Mid-day... my awesome daycare teachers sent me a text with the above picture.

Sound asleep on her little cot, monkey tucked ever so safely under her arm. I was told she hadn't moved in 1.5 hours.

She hadn't cried all day... except just once when she caught a glimpse of Devin playing outside. She missed her brother and wanted to go play with him. So sweet.

We are one full week into the school year... how many left?

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