Sunday, August 7, 2011

Like a fish

Braden (and the rest of us) spent HOURS at the pool this summer. Braden is on our town's summer swim team. He practiced at least once a day during the week.

He NEVER ONCE complained about going to practice... sometimes he wanted to go twice in a day. He listened to his coaches, he worked VERY hard. And most importantly, he had fun!

His hard work payed off!

Yesterday, at "swim championships" Braden got personal best times in EVERY event he raced. 50 yard freestyle. 50 yard backstroke. 25 yard butterfly and 100 yard freestyle relay.

He dropped 8 seconds this season in Freestyle. 20 seconds in backstroke. and he literally cut his time in 1/2 in Butterfly... dropping his time by 23 seconds!!!

It has been so awesome to see him work so hard at something and then see him have great success.

Not only did his times show how hard he worked but his coaches honored him by awarding him the "Boys 9 and 10 Most Improved Swimmer" award!

Way to go Braden! We are SO proud of you!!!!!!