Saturday, June 11, 2011

Queen of the Bunk

Every time I hear Grace say "Mama" my heart grows in size. Even if she is saying to everyone.... because she does... say it to everyone. Oh well. I love to hear her say it anyway.

So, when I stood in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and heard her very loudly calling me from the other room... "Mama, Mama, Mama"... as any good mother would... I went in to respond.

and what did I find?

Grace sitting, very proudly, on Braden's bed.

Braden's bed is the TOP BUNK!!!!

I should have known this was coming. The day before she called "Mama, uh oh, Mama uh oh" and I found her standing on the second step of the ladder, stuck.

So, when I found her 6 feet off the floor on the bed, leaning over the railing... my immediate reaction was to tell her NO! and take her down from the top bunk before she fell over the edge and broke her neck.

But, after, I realized that I missed a GREAT picture. DARN!

So, because the title of Mother of the Year was lost to me years ago. I did what any good blogging mother would do.

I told her to climb again, so I could capture the moment on film.

She looked at me like... "but you just told me know NO"?!


... but can you do it just one more time so I can take a picture?

Then... NO! don't do it again.

Yeah, I know. I told you I wouldn't win mother of the year.

So, my brave, strong girl climbed.

and climbed.

and climbed.

Stepped over the edge...

and stood OH SO PROUDLY on the top of the bed.

Her gross motor skills seem to be developing just fine. Wouldn't you say?


  1. I took the ladder down to the bunk bed in my daughter's room. She still tries to climb up the side rails, but thankfully (as tall as she is) she is still a bit too short to climb to the top without the ladder. Thankfully the big kids are big enough not to really need a ladder anyway!
    Those pictures of Grace are great!

  2. Love this post. You are hilarious. And Grace is too cute. She & our little guy would be quite the climbing duo!! I thought it was a boy thing... Guess it's just the age!!!