Friday, June 17, 2011

Another school year.

Oh dear.

I'm just not sure what is wrong with me these last few days.

I can't seem to hold it together.

Every little thing is making me cry.

Like the letter sent home from Kailey's Kingergarten teacher to parents' yesterday. Had me weeping in the parking lot as I read it.

or the bus pulling away this morning carrying my 9 year old to his last day of 3rd grade.

or my little four year, carrying his -too big for him- backpack to school on his last day of school.

or watching my littlest shovel a sandwich into her mouth at lunch, eating a banana with a fork, and drinking her milk all by herself from a regular cup.


maybe it's because I see my kids growing faster than I ever thought possible. I know everyone says it. but they do really grow up WAY too fast.

another school year passes. sigh.

maybe, just maybe, my weepiness has to do with the fact TODAY is the end of my time at home with Grace.

After four months of being home... Monday, I go back to being a working Mom.

I love my work. I really, really do. I miss it. I miss my co-workers. I miss my wonky policy friends. and... I can't believe I'm going to say this... but I miss that building I work in with the gold dome!

BUT, I will miss my girl. Grace has the fast forward button pressed and missing one day is like missing two weeks. Her development is progressing so fast. She came home a baby... she is now an almost two year old.

In four months, I have not left her for more than a couple hours... and I think I only did that once. So, next week... well, it's going to be hard.

and here I am crying again.

So, I leave you today with some pictures.

Another school year complete. We started out as a family of five and ended as a family of six.

Can someone PLEASE tell me to how to get these kids to hit the pause button and STOP growing up!

First day of 3rd grade...

Last day of 3rd grade...

First day of Kindergarten...

Last day of Kindergarten...

First day of Pre-K...

Last day of Pre-K...

Four months ago... Gotcha Day...

Four months later...

Yeah. I told you they grow too fast.

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  1. They do grow up so fast! Well, they get older quickly, not sure about how 'grown up' my grown up ones are.....

    Gotta enjoy it all while you can still boss them around.

    Maybe that's why it's easy to say yes to adoption when they've all grown up!