Sunday, September 12, 2010

Almost Monday

I never thought I would look forward to Monday's and the start of a new work week.

But I do.

Because referrals don't come on the weekends.

My heart feels especially empty today.

Every time I see the three kids playing, every time we drive somewhere in the car, every time we sit down for dinner, every time I make a lunch, give a bath, read a book... it becomes MORE AND MORE utterly apparent that our family is not yet complete.

In His time. I know.

But, is it Monday yet?


  1. I So remember feeling that way on the weekends! The wait is so hard. It's true what they say, though ... the pain of the wait does fade when your child is placed in your arms. Your little bundle will be worth the wait! God has great things in store ... I'm sure of it!! ;)

  2. Oh friend, totally understand where you are at.
    Today, I too was missing this sweet little girl who has stolen our hearts... and we've never met! I've been finding myself thinking of her A LOT lately. Praying that she's in good health, sleeping and eating well and just wondering what she's doing as she goes about her day. Praying that the knitting of our
    hearts is already beginning (it already is for
    us!).. esp for her so that her transition to our care will not be too traumatic for her.

    We know your little girl is out there and soon you will have a face to go with the beautiful name you have chosen for her. I will be praying for her tonight (and you too)!

  3. LOVE this post! I'm with Carrie....we totally remember our literal sleepless nights and the ache we felt to hold Mia. And now, that ache is replaced with such inexplicable joy!