Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

Today was a big day for B... one he has waited a couple summers for. Today, was his first swim meet.

Little history....

Every summer we spend loads of time at our town pool. The last two summers, instead of playing in the pool with his friends, B would sit on the side of the lap pool and watch our town's swim team meets. For two years he wondered if he would ever be strong enough, fast enough, good enough to be on the team.

(waiting for his leg of the relay)

To be able to make the team... kids 8 and under have to be able to swim one 25 yard lap freestyle - using rotary breathing, no stopping, no treading water, no touching the side of the pool.

So, back at the beginning of June, he had to "try out". He had barely swum since last summer. It wasn't overly warm out and the pool was FREEZING.

He was nervous.

I was nervous.

Minutes before the his turn to try out... his goggles broke. The most dreadful thing that could ever happen to a swimmer. He got in the pool with his broken goggles and swam about 10 strokes (10 feet maybe) and started choking. He was so distracted from his broken goggles that he swallowed water. The nice coach let him try again but he was pretty shaken up (and don't forget his goggles were still broken). He started over and swam another 10 feet and swallowed water again. He got out of the pool crying.

He was heartbroken.

I was heartbroken.

The sweet coach allowed him to come back the next day, with new goggles, and try again.

(that's him cheering on his teammates during the relay)

Bless his heart. He got back in the pool and tried again the next day. AND HE DID IT. It wasn't easy for him. He just barely made it. BUT HE DID IT.

(upper lane)

A mere four weeks later and a LOT of hard work....and this little guy is a SWIMMER! He, not only, has improved his freestyle, he now knows breaststroke, backstroke and is learning butterfly. He has learned loads of drills and how to dive off diving blocks.

Four short weeks ago, swimming one lap was pretty hard. Now, he swims four laps just to warm up.

(moments before his first backstroke race)

He did such a great job today! Most importantly, he had FUN and learned that when you put your mind to something and work hard...you can do just about anything.

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  1. Awesome that he tried and didn't give up b/c he really wanted to be a part of the team!

    We would LOVE to come see him swim in a meet! I loved ST as a kid and it was such an impt part of my growing up!