Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is NOT an exact science... there are many factors that go into when we will be matched. But, as an attempt to track where we on the list of waiting families. I will start posting monthly CCAI match statistics.

We submitted our medical conditions checklist with our CCAI application at the beginning of March, 2010. However, for whatever reason, it wasn't logged-in at CCAI until March 25th. At that time we were told there were approximately 250 families waiting ahead of us.

Since then, CCAI announced that they now has access to the shared list, as well as their designated agency list of children, so we are hopeful that with access to two lists perhaps things will move a little more quickly then they have in a last year or so. However, CCAI says it is really to early to predict.

Anyway, on with the countdown....

In April, CCAI matched 52 (!) families. In May, another 30! Again, not exact, but that means there are now approximately 168 families ahead of us.

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  1. I love this kind of science! How long after you're matched will you go to China?